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Best profitable business ideas

Best profitable business ideas


Sell second hand items

Sell second hand items online


People are becoming more environmentally conscious, and want to adjust their buying habits accordingly. More and more Dutch people are buying second hand clothing and even big fashion players are getting into second hand clothing.


Selling vintage clothes from home

COAL N TERRY is a successful company that sells vintage clothing from home. And they started even smaller, from a student room. And now it’s a brand with a group of loyal customers, including celebrities.


Coal N Terry example Selling second hand items


And do you know the Dutch company ThriftTale? Once started as a clothing sorter and now with almost 30,000 items grown into Europe’s largest webshop in second hand clothing: ThriftTale has been active selling pre-loved clothing since 2020. Vintage & Pastries is another great example. Owner Gertjan scours thrift stores, markets and antique shops for vintage items. For him, sustainability plays an important role in his webshop.


Do you want to start your own second hand store? Then read the interview with ThriftTale and Vintage & Pastries where they give 10 tips on setting up an online second-hand store.


Phone screen showing the product page of an online second hand clothes shop


Photo: ThriftTale


You can start small by selling clothes you no longer wear through sites like Vinted or simply through Marketplace or Facebook.


And for this idea, you’re not limited to clothes. How about selling old books marketplaces, or earn money from your cooking skills.


Play video games


Although many people think video games are a waste of time, it’s actually a hobby that allows you to make money from home . And what could be more homey than sitting on the couch gaming?


Esports and video game streaming platforms like Twitch have made it possible for gamers to become famous and make money with their talent. Also read this story: This is how to earn at least 200,000 euros a year by gaming


Making money with gaming through sponsorship

But how exactly do you make money from your followers here? The best way to start a gaming business from home is through Sponsorship. Companies pay you to play their games and stream them to your audience.


For certain professions, playing video games even looks really good on your resume. Mind you, to make money from home with this idea you have to be good at gaming.


And again, you can put your own spin on it: Twitch does more than just gaming these days. Maxx Burman and Banks Boutté used the platform to host an online festival where 12 famous video game creators performed. Then they used this content for other digital channels like Instagram and YouTube. And once they had gathered a large fan base, they founded KitBash3d, where they sell 3D parts for video games and movies.




Selling NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are currently in the spotlight as a lucrative, creative way to make money from home. If you are artistic (or know someone who is with whom you can collaborate), creating and selling NFTs can be an excellent way to make money.


Artists like Fewocious have made millions of dollars by selling their art as NFTs. Well this is an exceptional success story, but there are plenty of other artists who have also sold the NFTs they make at home. Blake Jamieson, an artist from Brooklyn, New York, made $46,000 by selling his art as NFTs.


The first step is to learn how NFTs work, which starts with knowledge about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. That way you know what you’re doing when you create NFTs to sell on marketplaces like OpenSea, SuperRare and Foundation.


Making money from home: NFTs

To make a living from income from NFTs, it’s crucial to stay active on the social platforms where the NFT communities congregate. It’s all about getting name recognition and building relationships with sellers and collectors, because that’s the only way you’ll become successful.



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