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Profitable small business ideas 2022

Profitable small business ideas 2022


Become a planner of virtual events

The corona pandemic and the shift from physical to virtual events has created a great need for people who can plan virtual events. 6Connex, a virtual events company, saw a 1000% increase in demand for their services.


The best thing about this profession is that you don’t need more than a phone, a laptop and an internet connection, which keeps the start-up costs relatively low. The world of virtual events is broad, and includes:


Corporate trade shows


Virtual parties

Charity events

Trade shows


Education Fairs

Are you good at organizing and like to make tight schedules? Are you a real networker who can negotiate well and likes to bring people together? Then you probably have an excellent virtual event planner in you.


Take a good look around event platforms like Online Event Platform to learn more about what you need to know in order to bring in your first clients. To show how the marketing process works, take a look at Virtual Events Creator’s Instagram page, who use the platform to build brand awareness and show the public what’s possible.


If your virtual event planning business is successful, and you’ve gained more knowledge, you can create an additional income stream by selling your services as “do-it-yourself packages” to people so they can organize small virtual events themselves.


Starting a photography business

Selling your photos as stock photos through your own webshop or through a stock photo website such as Adobe Stock, iStock or Shutterstock can make a nice income.


But building a business around the photos you take is more than just being able to shoot pretty pictures. You need to market yourself and your products, build a brand and choose a niche.


This guide to selling photos is packed with great tips and advice for selling your photos online, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.


Selling Beauty Products

Fortunately, the economic damage of the corona pandemic has bypassed the beauty industry. You can capitalize on the success of this industry from home by selling beauty and personal care products through dropshipping or white label products.


making money from home

For a webshop, the more varied your product range (and your shipping options), the better. The following beauty products have been in high demand in recent months:


Products to create a spa experience at home

Personal care products

Beauty technology (such as massage guns and smart mirrors, for example)

When selecting the products to sell, it is good to think about convenience as part of your sales strategy. Research shows time and again that customers prefer to buy from companies that offer multiple purchase and shipping options, such as subscription boxes.


What do you offer your customers, in addition to your products, that makes them buy from you again and again? This may seem unimportant, but the opposite is true: loyal customers and customer retention is a crucial part of a regular income for your webshop.


Start an affiliate marketing business

Affiliate marketing is a profitable and original business idea for people with good digital marketing skills. As a product affiliate, you can make money on all types of platforms that allow affiliate links. With an affiliate program, you can find products to use in your affiliate marketing business.


Popular platforms where you can read more about how affiliate marketing works include:






Awin (formerly Zanox)


Tiqets Affiliate Network

Once you’ve found a product, the creative part begins: determining your affiliate strategy. Some companies share their affiliate links in their Instagram Stories, while others set up a website with interesting and valuable content and incorporate the affiliate links into it.

Your Social Team has a highlights reel on their Instagram where they share their best affiliates with their existing customers. This is an excellent way to earn a passive income from your target audience’s visits to your Instagram profile.


Making money from home: affiliate marketing 

Another platform for affiliates is Pinterest. The more people repin the affiliate pins you create, the more likely you are to earn commission.


Please note that affiliate marketing has pretty strict rules. If you want to make money from it, you have to make it clear that you are an affiliate of a brand.



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