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Why stress can be our friend

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Psychologist, professor at Stanford University Kelly McGonigal tells why stress is not always harmful, and how scientists are mistaken, frightening everyone with the negative consequences of stress. Here are 5 interesting ideas from Good Stress by Kelly McGonigal.

Stress itself is not so dangerous

It is not stress in itself that is dangerous to health, but, paradoxically, our belief that it is dangerous. Scientists have concluded that it is not stress that kills, but the belief that it is dangerous. Fear kills people.

The positive effects of stress

Through a series of studies, scientists have found that watching presentations about the positive effects of stress releases more DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone). And if you think that stress kills, more cortisol will be released, and stress will really have a harmful effect on the body. Perceiving stress positively will release more DHEA so you can deal with stress without hurting you.

You can change your life by influencing your way of thinking

Many people believe that in order to be happy, you need to change a lot in life. But in fact, first of all, we must change our thinking, then the necessary changes will take place.

Faster recovery from injury

A stronger stress response can help you recover from trauma faster and stimulate goal pursuit. In stressful situations, people experience emotions that become experiences. The next time a person is faced with a difficult task, the brain and body will learn this experience and help to cope with it. By recognizing that stress is a positive experience, each new challenge will be easier on you.

The stress response is highly gene-dependent, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be changed.

First of all, genes influence the intensity of the stress response. There are genes that make a person enjoy the release of adrenaline when stressed, so such a person deliberately provokes stressful situations. This type of people includes racers and fans of extreme sports and recreation. Other genes affect oxytocin sensitivity, which is why these people tend to care for others in stressful situations. However, genes alone cannot be assumed to explain a person’s response to stress. Genes explain the predisposition, which changes under the influence of life experience and conscious choice.

Stress isn’t always a bad thing. Stress can be our friend. For information on what techniques and knowledge can help you deal with stress in the right way, read Stress as a Friend!

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